Thursday, September 22, 2011


...was a good day! Yesterday ended a little shaky with a fever and a not so happy big girl. We had a rough night but Cutie woke up a brand new girl! We headed to the Dr. to make sure there wasn't an underlying issue, then spent the day enjoying each other. Elly enjoyed putting on a talent show for her sister, and Emma enjoyed all the attention she got from her big sis. Even if it did include a feather pen tickling her face! As for me, I enjoyed sitting back and watching my girls :)  

We started dance last week and ever since Elly has been insistent on wearing her full dance get-up! She makes me sit down on her rug and rattles off this..."Ladies and gentlemen! The show is about to begin!" Where she learned this? I have NO idea! After she finishes prancing around me she demands, "Mama, clap for me!" So...I clap and tell her she's the most beautiful "ballablina" I've EVER seen :)

Elly made her way through the sea of pillows to her toy basket. Half way there she cried out, "Mama! Get me outta here, I'm kinda stuck!" It didn't stop her from pulling every toy from said basket... 

The day ended with a little bit of bed jumping. Which we all know can solve all illness and worldly issues :)

*Hopefully my next blog post won't take me another month and a half! Early bedtime has trumped the blog the last month :)