Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Believe it or not...I too can get sick!!

There is nothing I hate more than a patient showing up to the clinic with green snot running from their nose, sneezing all over me and my toys, and like today, with the most AWFUL cough I've ever heard come from a child. The best is when, mid session, a child tells you, "I didn't go to school today because I threw up." Lovely!! The parents response is always, "Oh, well that was this morning and they have been fine all day." I actually had a parent tell me ( and show me), at the end of the session of course, about the ringworm that she and her son had. It was spreading like crazy through his classroom, she informed me!!!!

So...as I blow my nose raw, cough up a lung and sneeze myself to sleep, I just wanted to put it out there that...I TOO CAN GET SICK!!!!! I must say, someone will pay if this cough wakes and irritates the "sleeping giants" I have worked SO hard to tame and put to sleep ;)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Elly's new rug!!

I must say that the hardest part about fixing up the nursery has been finding the PERFECT rug!! Finding something in our price range that I liked, with colors that went, that wasn't too "butterflies and flowers" was quite the challenge. After finding "the one" and bringing it home to discover it just didn't work, I was quite defeated. My dear, sweet friend Ali and her mom came to my rescue! As if hosting my baby shower wasn't enough, she said that they wanted to buy me a Pottery Barn rug as a baby gift! I was so excited when she called me to tell me it was in! Check out the pictures below...it sure does make the room if you ask me :)

Thanks Ali and Sandy...you're the GREATEST!!

Sampson approves!