Friday, February 18, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

Just a reminder...this was two weeks ago today!

As much as we enjoyed our little taste of a REAL winter, we were ready for a little bit of this...

The weather this week has been as close to perfect as it can get! We are taking it all in with the knowledge of what a Texas summer consists of. Hot, hot and a little more HOT. We made our way down the street this afternoon. Elly loves to explore and investigate every rock, bug, stick, acorn (her new favorite!) along the way. Three houses down and back takes about 45 minutes! She's a definite nature lover, that's for sure! Today she decided to collect an array of little "acorns", aka rocks, put them in her pocket and walk to her favorite set of steps. She took all the rocks out of her pocket, cautiously placed them on the steps and started counting. "Two, five, eight." She'd bend over, get a little closer, "two, five, eight." Lay on her tummy, get her face even closer, and with those precious little fingers touching each one, "two, five, eight." This went on for a good 10 minutes! Have I mentioned how much I'm loving this stage? I think it's my favorite of her short little (almost) two years. I do believe I've said that about every stage up to this point :) Sitting back and just watching is pure entertainment!

Purple sparkle Converse All Stars? My kid's cooler than yours ;)

Btw...this dress is 3T!! BIG girl!!

I think I need to get a liiiiiitle closer...

According to Kris, we are about 3-4 weeks out from the addition being 100% complete. For his sake, we better be 3-4 weeks out from 100% completion! Lets do the math...33 weeks pregnant=7 weeks left...7 weeks minus 3-4 weeks= time to PANIC! We have decided to keep the nursery the same and move Elly into her new BIG girl room (currently our room). I want to make her new room extra special and I just don't think I'm going to have the time or energy to put all the "extra" into the special :(

View from the mudroom, through our new master bed, into the master bath. Not sure I'll know what to do with all the space! Cutie doing a once over on the trim work..."looks good guys!"

Makeshift walkway/stairs/Elly's slide. She scoots her booty down the board and makes her way back up to "side" (slide) down again. A splinter is inevitable before it's all said and done. I'm sure of it!

Monday, February 14, 2011


Happy day of love! There has been been plenty of love running throughout the Roebuck house today. Mixed with a few tantrums and time outs as well ;) After breakfast, I told Elly that it was Valentines Day and that I had a present for her. It was the first time I had seen her eyes light up when I mentioned the word present! After this past Christmas, I think she gets the whole "I get to unwrap it and inside there is a special surprise just for me" concept. Immediately she started with..."Presy! Presy!" I was able to get her half dressed before the anticipation was just too much! She tore into it with pure joy written all over her face...and I loved every second of it :) Who would have thought a new Color Wonder (BTW...the greatest invention E.V.E.R.) and stickers could be so exciting!

After opening her "presy" I was able to get her pants on and hair done! The piggies still don't last long but they do last longer than they did before! I had to act quick in order to document the cuteness! I look forward to the day I can get some bows on those pig tails :)

Had to throw in one of Elly's super cute V-Day shirt. Thanks Nina! (My mom, Nana, has evolved into Nina. We have tried and tried for Nana but Elly refuses...Nina it is)

Elly decided to make her own valentines this year. Well...lets be honest here. I made them. I waited for Elly's nap and I went to town. Have I mentioned I'm a little OCD about crafts? I did let her add her own touch to each one before sticking them in the mail ;) Don't be offended if you didn't get one. A mom can only get so much done during nap time!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Current Favorites

I decided to make a post of Elly's current favorites. These "current favorites" change so very often that I thought it would be nice to document as we reach our next big milestone...2 years! I can't believe how big our cutie is getting and that she is going to be two in just about a month! She's becoming more independent every day and the pictures below show it! One of MY current favorites is to ask, "Hey Elly...are you a baby or a big girl?" She replies with "BIG GIRL!" followed with "Mama's big girl, Dada's big girl, Papa's big girl, Nana's big girl" so on and so on. The family members change...sometimes it includes the dogs. "Hank's big girl" :) So...on with the list!

Walking Sampson, BY HERSELF! Don't even TRY to grab the leash!

Having a tea party. Don't even TRY to pour the tea...aka water ;) "Mama! I DO IT!"

...complete with "mellows". Which also make the fav list.

Edamame. Or as Elly says it, "Uh mama's". Sea Point Farms has frozen Edamame in little Dora snack bags. I must admit, I eat just as many as Elly. They are quite yummy! If I give Elly the bag, "mama bowl!" if I put them in a bowl, "hold bag!" Just no pleasing this child!

Baby Einstein and baby signs movies. Or in Elly speak, "meeba's" close but kinda odd word! They've been in a drawer for the last 6 months. Elly spotted them the other day and has been obsessed (to put it mildly) for the last two weeks. My head may explode if I have to watch these movies one. more. time...
I must admit, I love watching and listening to her as she watches them. Her speech and language is growing like crazy! She will point out and tell you everything that is happening. There's a part of the movie with kids tiptoeing and every time it comes on she yells, "Tiptoe! Tiptoe!" The stupid monkey puppets tickling each other..."monkey tickle!" Makes the speech therapist in me oh so proud ;)

Anything "Pretty". We refer to lots of things as "Elly's pretty's". Especially her tutus! This favorite changes often. Either she loves them and will wear them ALL day or wants nothing to do with them. This particular day she decided she needed to wear it to the sitter's. When I picked her up that afternoon, there she was..."pretty" and all! My sitter said she could barely get it off of her for nap!

Her glasses. Or as she refers to them, her "eyes" :)

Last but certainly not least, the return of Honey Pony! HP had been retired to the attic to make room for Elly's kitchen and all her STUFF (to put it nicely!). With the addition to the house happening, the electrician needed to get up there and do his thing which resulted in a mess of a house! All the stuff we have stored in the attic needed to be brought down for a few days. HP was amongst it all. It was like a late Christmas for Elly. "PONY! PONY!" followed by "RIDE PONY!"

As we get closer and closer to having a two year old, I try to cherish every moment. I don't sit back enough and take it all in. If it's not too late to make a resolution, that's mine! I'm looking forward to her two year check-up and to see all the stats. I'll be sure to update on the blog :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day!

What better reason to jump back on the blog than to document our first snow day of the year here in North Texas?! Things started out a little sketchy when the power went out at about 4:00am. Come 6:30, the house was starting to get a little chilly. We actually used the gas stove to heat the house. Yes...a little ghetto and a little unsafe with a curious toddler running around! Luckily, power came back on at about 8:00 and we were able to cook up a big southern breakfast and start to enjoy our snow day! We made it out long enough to say hello to our neighbors and for mommy to get a few pictures to document Elly's second snow day. She enjoyed this one a little more than the last...
December of 2009
Too bad the wind was howling and it was bitter cold. We headed back in and tried out a little hot cocoa. Surprisingly, Elly is NOT a fan. I have tried giving her chocolate milk once and she started gagging! Hot chocolate was no different. Oh well, what can I say...I've got a healthy one on my hands :)
Hmmm...what's this white stuff? Is it edible?

What do us Texans do when we get a little snow??? We do whatever it takes to stay warm!
Our neighbor Matt Lewis sporting his wife's scarf.
Jessica Lewis sporting one glove and a sock to keep her little fingers warm!

Here's to having power, no work and snow day 2011!