Sunday, October 26, 2008

Blue room no longer!

As the weekend comes to an end, I am ready for some tequila and a cigarette! Actually, I don't smoke and tequila makes me do bad things. Oh yeah...and the whole 5 months preggo thing :)
We have had quite the busy weekend fixing up the nursery. I feel like I now can call it the nursery without the "quotes". From the get go, my mom and I had planned on her making all of my bedding. We spent Thursday evening checking out fabric stores. With no success, we made our way over to Babies R Us to register. Kris had made it quite clear he wanted no part of that! So who better than your husband to have by your side? Your own mom of course! As we made our way around the store we came up to the clearance section and there it was...Exactly what we had been looking for at the fabric stores, minus the blood, sweat and tears wasted over the sewing machine. On sale no less! So we went ahead and made the executive decision to purchase. From that point on, I was on a mission. I spent all day Saturday painting and Kris and I ( and the sweet Patricks!) spent today putting together the crib and bedding. See the amazing transition below...

Charm isn't the only thing that comes with an old house. Don't forget about foundation problems! Little Austin will be pleased when he sees this fixed. EVERY time he would get a diaper change on the old bed, he would look up with fear and worry and tell me, in his sweet concerned voice, "Uncle Kris needs to fix!" (I think he had visions of the ceiling falling in on him!) Kris worked his tail off cutting out old repair jobs and re-mudding the entire ceiling! You go Uncle Kris!

He even cleaned up this mess! Jealous ladies?

Goodbye blue...Hello PINK

The infamous BLAAAACK crib!

Childhood dresser+2 cans of black spray paint=saving $400 on a dresser :)
Will also double as a changing table. My next mission...finding fun drawer pulls!

Now the really fun part begins...decorating!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Omelet anyone?

Something I have come to accept and love about my husband, is his odd habit of sleep talking. The first time it happened, I must admit, I was a little taken aback. Waking up to Kris tearing through my clean, freshly folded, stack of clothes demanding "WHERE'S MY CRACK! WHERE'S MY CRACK!" was a little concerning. Obviously, I'm not talking about mumbling and nonsense you can't make out, I'm talking intense! On certain occasions he will get out of bed while having a completely absurd conversation with me as though he needs to stand up to really get his point across. A few weeks ago, I wake up to Kris pacing across the bedroom. He stops at the dresser, turns to look at me and asks, as if he were completely lucid and awake, "Would you like me to make you an omelet in the morning?" Sure! Veggie please!

Last night it happened again. At about 3am Kris sits up and begins to tell me that Pancho and Nelson (two of his workers) had better hang the magazine from the string at the right length or they will be in trouble. Deciding to play along I ask, "How will they know if it is the right length?" Kris-"Oh! By God they will know!" I giggle and fall back asleep. At around 4:30 I wake up to Kris's hysterical laughter followed by "Oh by God they will know!"

Of course this morning he had no idea what I was talking about. Just a funny quirk I love about my husband :)

PS...wait till you see my updated pictures of the "nursery" progress. You won't believe your eyes! Blog to follow this week :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Elly Jean!!

We had our 18 week sonogram today and....drum roll please....even though you all already know.....I still want some's a GIRL!!!! Little Ellyson Jean Roebuck (Elly for short). I really don't understand how a Dr. can figure this stuff out. A picture that resembles nothing of a little girl and he says with such certainty "it's a girl!" I guess it's more about the lack of the "stem on the apple" as Kris puts it. Or maybe he could just see the sweetness oozing out of her and just knew such sweetness could only come from a little girl :)
Little arm waving "Hi mom and dad!"
Sweet little profile and spine shot! I think I did that pose in yoga the other day :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008


"Hey Austin and Kalynn, how old are you?!"

(Their best attempts at three fingers comes across as about 2 1/2)

What a day! The bees and wind were a bit of a nuisance, but for the most part, the birthday party at the local park was a success! Complete with hot dogs, presents, cake and a pinata, it couldn't have gone any better. Kris and I even got in on the fun...

Take notice of Kris's "bum wing" as he calls it (left arm)...a result of his "pop a wheelie" gone bad on our leisurely bike ride through the neighborhood!!!

Cake time!!

That's what I call an easy clean up!

Monday, October 6, 2008


For the most part, I think that Kris and I are doing pretty good on our countdown to baby. We had a 20% coupon to Babies R Us so we went ahead and bought our crib a week ago. Well...that is just not good enough! We have some friends that live down the street from us. She is about 4 weeks ahead of me. They found out last Wednesday they were having a girl and by the end of the weekend the nursery was completely finished!! I'm talking chair rail put up, two toned pink paint and border, dresser and crib set up with all the bedding! So...seeing that we find out in 10 days, I decided to make a trip to the fabric and paint store yesterday. Since my mom will be making all my bedding (and I'm hoping curtain panels:) What do you think mom?) I really need to get a jump start! The lady at Cutting Corners was trying to be helpful and pointing me in the direction of the ones SHE liked, which were all brown tones. I told her that we already had a black crib so I wanted to stay away from brown. Her response you ask? "WHHHAAATTTT?! A BLLLLAAAACK CRIB?!! I have NEEEEVER heard of a black crib!!" I guess it was inconceivable that someone would purchase a BLLLAAACK piece of furniture! I found a few swatches that I liked (only one, far right, for a little girl :) )

The one on the left is green not brown

Let me know what you think. Are the boy ones too girly?

Friday, October 3, 2008

Yoga anyone? I enter month 5 of my pregnancy, I have decided I need to take action NOW! I n an attempt to stay as in shape as possible, I have began prenatal yoga classes. I went to my second class last night and really enjoy it. It is not as "physical" as I thought it would be but then again, how physical can an 8 month pregnant woman really be? I thought I would at least leave a little bit sweaty, but no. Hey...maybe that means I am already in fantastic shape ;) It's more about the stretching and easing of all those pains. I know I will appreciate it more once I look like I have devoured a basketball. I do have a small problem with my new found interest. It is every Thursday at 6:15 pm. Why is that a problem you ask?? Well, now that I am at week 16 I'm feeling great. Why is THAT a problem you ask?? Well, I feel great for the most part. When I wake up in the morning I feel like I could accomplish anything. Much to Sampson's dismay, the saltine crackers no longer share the bed with us, they have been retired back to the pantry. The plastic Target bag that made it's home in my purse, reserved for those moments when you walk past the raw meat section of the grocery store and you think you may lose your lunch, has also been retired, back under the sink. Problem: By about 5pm everyday my stomach has somehow morphed into it's own floatation device. Or as I like to call it "bloatation device". It looks like baby has grown triple in size in a matter of 8 hours. As yoga time draws near I begin to stress a little about all those movements, twisting, turning and my greatest enemy...the squat. I have yet to have a "problem" but worry about what is to come. My hope is that if there were to be a "disturbance" in class, the eight other preggo's would give me a shout out..."been there sista!"

Until next time, Namaste...