Saturday, May 29, 2010


The day Kris has been anticipating finally arrived! Daddy and daughter's first golf tournament! We decided to brave the heat and head out to Colonial Country Club for the annual tournament. Kris got star struck by seeing Steve Stricker tee off, while I got dirty looks from golf fans. Their eyes said it all..."Soooo, you're one of THOSE people who bring a chatty toddler to a golf tournament." Oh well...My eyes said a little something of their own "Get over it snobs!"

On the bus headed to the grounds.

*Fast camera's allowed on the grounds and I didn't want to risk mine being confiscated!

On the way back to the car. Daddy and daughter pooped! Elly sporting her Susan G Komen bracelet...In her mouth of course!

"I love my daddy!"

"Elly, this is where all the rich people live. Become friends with their kids."

"Weeeeee!!!!! No carseat!!!!!!"

"Mom...Dad...Can we move over to this side of the tracks?"

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Here's one...

...for the baby book! While changing Elly's diaper the other day, I mistakenly let her play with the bottle of powder. I figured that my sweet girl couldn't possibly twist the lid to open it. Well...I figured out that she can't twist the lid open, but she CAN pry the lid off with her teeth! Powder everywhere!!!! Good Daddy grabbed the camera and started snapping away. I think this will be one to show Elly's future boyfriend ;)

"Oh mom...why do you always have to ruin my fun?"

At least Cutie will have powder soft skin :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Splishin' and Splashin'

...and PLENTY of laughin'! Elly and I spent the afternoon with her BFF Abby last Saturday. Her mommy must really love her...not only do they have a mini pool, they have a brand spanking new water table! I have been looking into getting a sand/water table for Elly. Our afternoon confirmed that this is a must! They would go from the water table, to the pool, back and forth, back and forth. Who knew that would make for such great entertainment! After a couple hours, I had one pooped baby, whose water logged diaper weighed more than she did! Thanks for a great play date Jenn and Abby! Can't wait for the next time :)

I just HAD to start with this angelic face! Pure innocence :)

Let's get this party started!

Sweet Elly in her Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny White and Blue Fish Bikini! (Diaper...pre-water)

I think Colin and Jenn may have a future ballerina on their hands :)

Abby would splash, Elly would crack up...

...Abby would laugh at Elly cracking up! Too cute!

Elly's no stranger to helping herself to a drink. She does it every night in the bath! Ewwww!

Obviously, Abby's no stranger to it either :)

"Hey mom! Try to stay on top of the watering please! Geesh!"

When Elly started waddling, we knew it was time to pack it up! I'll remember the swim diaper next time :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Play With Me!

Elly has finally discovered that her room is pretty darn cool! It's as though she looked in the big green box (which has been there about 9 months) and discovered gold. She gets a look in her eye and all but says, "What the...this thing is filled with TOYS!" I remember being a kid and going through my closet, rediscovering all my toys. Forgetting that I had EVERY My Little Pony ever created. That oh so cool Strawberry Shortcake doll...when you squeezed her tummy she would blow 'strawberry breath'. And not to leave out, the Shirley Temple and Barbie dolls that belonged to my mom! They both came in the coolest travel boxes! I would have them all scattered around me...a sea of toys...taking in all of their greatness.

The minute we get to her room, Elly heads over to that box, bends half her body over the edge and begins flinging every toy out of it. She needs to be able to see exactly what her options are :)

In the last month, she has started figuring out how her toys actually work and WANTS to make them work. I think in the past she knew how to play with the ball popper, but would rather shake it and chunk it at Sampson. If she can't get something to work, it is like a switch goes off! A mix of Kris's hard head and my lack of patience...the girl can get H-O-T!

Not quite strong enough to make it go like Mommy does...

...which does not make for a happy baby!
An then there's the rocking chair :) This was mine growing up, which my mom saved and handed over around Christmas. As shared in a previous post, Elly has discovered climbing. Up in the chair, rock rock by mommy, down from the chair. Repeat this about 50 times and it is the equivalent of heaven for my little love! Not so much for mommy :)

And not to leave out the books! Elly loves reading her books! She'll gather about 5 all around her and go from one to the other. Dragging one to the rocking chair, do a little reading, and go back for another. Drag the next onto the ottoman, do a little reading, and go back for another. Carry one in her teeth (yes, she still transports her little treasures this way) to her pink 'Ellyson' chair, do a little reading, and on to the next. It is quite entertaining to watch :) Hopefully she'll be more of a reader than her mommy. I'm still working on the last chapters of the book I started when I was pregnant :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Duck, Duck...Goose

After a hectic couple of days, we loaded Elly up in the bike trailer and made the trek to the Trinity River duck pond. We were all getting a little stir crazy locked up in the house with a sick baby! The adventure seemed like a great idea at the time, and we all enjoyed the outing...that is until it was time to head back. The ride down was a breeze. Down hill, past the zoo, with a content baby. The ride back...ALL up hill, through zoo traffic, with a sleepy baby! Every time Kris would hit a bump it was jostle her up and the screaming would start. By the time Little Love would calm down, Kris would hit another bump. It was a nightmare! We did make it home and look forward to our next the car!

Check out that hair! Sure is getting long :)

Snacks for Elly...then snacks for the ducks!

My little chipmunk!

Elly was quite annoyed by the obnoxious honking goose! When it would starting honking, she would stop whatever she was doing, turn that head around and give that goose one mean stink eye!

Cutie LOVES her cup with the straw. The way she holds it, the look on her face. If I could get into her mind while she sips away it would sound something like this..."Oh yeah, I'm a big girl! Oh yeah, I'm a big girl!"

There's that stinkin' goose again!
Duck time! Elly would throw a piece, eat a piece, throw a piece, eat a piece.
Unfortunately, the ducks had a big breakfast and could have cared less about their lunch. Oh well...maybe next time :)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Better Day Please!

This what our day consisted of yesterday...

"Pick me up...No, put me down...No, pick me up!"

Poor baby has had a rough week! We started our week out with yet ANOTHER ear infection. Fast forward to Wednesday...a call from the babysitter that Elly had a 102.7 fever, sent us back to the Doc where they said she had a viral infection. And to top it off, I discovered a molar who decided to make it's appearance! No wonder she's a mess! After almost 4 hours of straight crying last night, we decided to try to lay her 5 o'clock (she usually goes down atound 7!)! She fused for about a minute and was OUT! She slept straight through to 7:30 this morning. So as you read this, say a prayer that our day goes a little better today!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


...back to Easter weekend. So I'm a little late on the post...Don't judge.

Easter weekend Elly enjoyed her first mower ride with Grandpa! She was a little intrigued/unsure at first, but the pictures say it all! She loved doin' a little yard work with her Grandpa :)

"Ok Grandpa, so tell me one more time...I push this and turn this?"
"Here we go! And don't worry...I'll fall off this ride before I loosen my grip on this shoe!"
A little startled!

Wave Elly!
Weeeeee!!!! Who's enjoying this more...Elly or Grandpa??

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pretty In Pink

Elly was pretty in pink this Mother's Day morning! As I was digging through her closet to get the perfect Mom's Day outfit, I came across a pretty pink dress that was given to Elly by her cousin Meghan last summer! I do believe this was Meg's 1st birthday outfit! I was a little worried that it wouldn't fit, since Elly is quite tall for her age (98th percentile at the last appointment!). I was quite thrilled when we slipped it on and it fit like a glove. It is a little short, but the way I see it, if I had legs as cute as hers, I'd be showing 'em off too! Unfortunately, the dress didn't last long. Elly's become quite the little walker but still prefers crawling as her main mode of transportation. Dresses just slow the girl down and lead to meltdowns. Pinching, slapping, biting...what mom deserves that on Mother's Day?! Not this one! So, Elly will be pretty in her pink shorts and a white flower shirt :)

Had to throw in a picture of my key buy at Target yesterday! They were a return...the only pair AND in her size! SO cute!