Saturday, February 27, 2010

Love is in the air

It may be a little late, but after admiring my beautiful rose this evening, I just had to blog about Valentines Day! To my surprise, when I went to get Elly from her crib, she had made her way into my craft closet and created an amazing valentine for her Daddy! Kris worked early but was home in time to cook breakfast for us all. On the menu...bacon and eggs (in the shape of a heart of course!) Kris is not the most romantic when it comes to the "day of love" so I was quite surprised when he walked in with a card and a single rose. may have been from the Quick Trip, but I still loved it! I figured I would wake up the next morning to a puddle of withered pedals, and a sad reminder that the "day of love" was over. we are 13 days later and it is beautiful! I had to take a picture and share!

Oh my Elly! I sure hope you used the kid scissors!

"Hey Dad! I have something for you!"

Now that's love right there!!! Did your husbands use your cookie cutter to make you a heart egg?

Pretty, pretty rose :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

11 down... to go, until our sweet girlie is one!! I snapped a few pictures on Elly's "11 month birthday". She's so funny...she will go from laughing, playing and having a grand time to legs kicking, arms flailing, D-R-A-M-A queen! It cracks me up! I know I shouldn't laugh but sometimes I just gotta, in order to keep my sanity :)

Temper tantrums included, Elly sure is the light of our lives! She is getting closer and closer to taking those first few steps. She is always on the go and knows that if she needs to get somewhere quick, crawling is her best mode of transportation. Especially if it is to the dog's food bowl. If she spots that thing, she is OFF! I don't think I have ever seen a kid move that fast. It's a race as to who can get there first. Doesn't she know that the mommy always wins? Well...most of the time. You would think we fed the dogs little bits of heaven, the way she races for it. She has also learned the joy of sharing. She loves to hold her half eaten, mushy graham cracker up so you too can enjoy the goodness! Never in a million years did I think I would be the mom to actually take a bite of it. It's just so cute to see how excited she gets! She will drop it on her tray and give you a round of applause. What can I say, it's different when you have a cutie pie of your own :)

Oh the joys of being 11 months old!

Well...maybe...I'm not too sure how I feel about getting older.

Wooooeeee is me!!!!! Another month older!!!!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Sweet Dreams

Kris and I peeked in during Elly's nap the other day to find her snoozing away...buried in her bumper pads! Since the back of her crib is solid, I have had a hard time keeping the bumper pad up. I tie the corners extra tight in hopes that it will keep it up. My knots are nothing compared to the little stinker who enjoys pulling it down and using it as a makeshift pillow. I think it may be time to remove the back bumper all together. What do you think??

Don't worry...she has plenty of air getting in there!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Day!

Here in Texas, if you don't like the weather...wait 5 minutes! Earlier in the week, the meteorologists were predicting around an inch of snow for today. Well, it started snowing at about 2 a.m. and hasn't stopped since! We have about 5 inches on our back patio chairs and they say it isn't going to stop until around midnight! I was able to make it out to see a few patients and get to the dentist (this fabulous grill doesn't maintain itself) but made it home quickly to get Ellyson out to experience this February wonderland :) She wasn't too sure what to think. I sat her on the blanket to snap a few pictures. I don't think I have seen her that still in months! She just sat there...staring. I even made a mini snowball and held it up to her to touch. She just looked at it as though she were thinking "Nope, that's good right there. I'll just give it a once over with my eyes." We will love it while it lasts, seeing that it will probably be 70 degrees this weekend!

Shout out to Dr. McConnell...God those are some B-E-A-UTIFUL teeth! Are they not?

Trying to catch a flake or two on her tongue. Won't touch the white stuff, but by golly she'll put it in her mouth!

Mommy's little snow bunny! We can't wait to get her on the slopes!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Good Morning Elly!

Hi Elly! How was your nap?

Hey? What are you doing?

Nothin' mom. Just turn your head and whatever you do, DON'T look at the other side of my crib rail.

Ellyson Jean! You're grounded!
Those little suspicious marks on the dresser now aren't so suspicious...seeing that they are riiiight at the height of Elly's mouth!

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Can a Mama...

...get a bow in PLEASE?! You may consider this next sentence a little humorous but...Elly's hair has grown quite a bit in the last month! Just when a bow is willing and able to stay in her hair (for like an hour!), Elly is NOT so willing to keep it in. I gave up on the headbands quite some time ago. The minute I got one anywhere near her head, Elly's world stopped and revolved around getting it in her mouth! The bows were always different. I could stick one of those little buggers in and she couldn't have cared less. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case :( After being mistaken for a boy AGAIN (the man actually said "Really? That's a girl?"), I was determined to go home and get a good picture...bow and all! Be honest my faithful blog followers, does this sweet baby girl resemble a stinky, dirty, all trouble, little boy? Ha! I didn't think so :)

Lets start with the 'give her another bow to distract while mommy sticks one in the hair' method.
"Good try mom, here's the one you just stuck in."

Next method...'drive by bowing' or should I say CRAWL by bowing!

"Ha! You're going to have to do better than that!"

"Ok, ok, I'll humor you, just this once! Consider it your own fault that the one picture you got cut out the bow!"