Saturday, May 30, 2009

Finished...for now!

I have been waiting patiently and I finally got the phone call that Elly's pictures were in!! Today I spent the day picking out frames and trying to figure out how to put them up in her nursery. Here is the finished product...

The nursery is finally finished...until I find something else I want to do!
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Friday, May 29, 2009

Will someone PLEEEEASE change my diaper?!

I cannot get over the fact that my little girl LOVES to have her diaper changed!! I have never seen a child who can go from major meltdown mode to happy, giggling, cooing mode just by placing them on a changing table. These pictures don't do justice to the cuteness I experienced today with miss Elly. She was in a rotten mood and I thought that maybe a dirty diaper was to blame. As soon as I laid her down, she spit out that pacifier and gave me about 5 solid minutes of pure bliss! Of course when the camera came out she went from smiley to mesmerized by the little light. Oh well...they're still pretty darn cute :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Fun in the sun!

Happy Memorial Day everyone! We had such a great weekend and are sad to see it (and daddy) go. Sunday we spent the day over at the Patrick's and enjoyed hot dogs, burgers and our first swim in the pool! We forgot Elly's swimsuit but went redneck and stuck her in with her diaper. She went from 12lbs 3oz to about 15lbs! We decided to really redneck out and forgo the diaper completely...thank goodness she didn't contaminate the water! Elly loves her evening bath so I knew she would enjoy the pool just as much. Check out the pictures below with her BFF, Abby. Abby is about 7 mos. older than Elly. I think it was the first time they really noticed one another. At one point, Abby reached her little arm out and oh so gently touched Elly on the head. It was like she wanted to make sure she was real :) It sure would have made for a precious picture! Oh can't catch all the moments!
Elly and daddy (who left for San Antonio today for two days)

Didn't even phase her! She never even let out a squawk!
Elly checking out her buddy...

her buddy checking out her!

Whose gonna make the first move...that block sure looks like fun!

Jen and I look like we need a stiff drink or maybe some antidepressants! We really were having a good time...I promise!

Friday, May 22, 2009

You are not going to believe...

what happened last night!! Kris choked on the screws he swallowed at 1am!! We had a very interesting night to say the least. It all started with Kris's 1am choking scare. He shoots up in bed staring straight ahead and not moving. It of course wakes me up and I ask if everything is answer. I ask again if he is ok. He replies with "You're not going to believe it...I think I swallowed them!" "The screws...I need to get them out!" I then realize he is sleep talking. So I calmly tell him he is ok and to lay down. He frantically replies with "It's not f-ing ok!!!!!" He then came to and apologized for being so mad. We giggled a little bit and go back to sleep. 4am rolls around and I half wake up to a crying, hungry baby. I'm up pacing the room yelling at Kris "wake up! We need to feed the baby! I need your milk to feed the baby!" His odd reply..."I PUT THE RING OVER THERE!" Just when I thought Kris was the only one with weird sleep habits, I go and think he is the one who can breastfeed the baby :) At least we can be odd together!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Elly is...

12 pounds 3 oz. and 23 in. long! Our Dr. appointment went well, other than the obvious. She was NOT a happy camper when that mean old nurse gave her 4 shots! I must say...I was not pleased when she made ME hold down my baby girl while she gave her the shots! Don't they have another nurse that can step in to do that? Anyways...Dr. Shaw said that she looks great (like I didn't already know that :) ) and that, overall, she is in the 75th-80th percentile. That explains why she is already able to wear 3-6 mo. clothes!

Even after 4 shots I've got a happy baby!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Two months old!

WHAT?! I'm already two months old?! Next thing you know I will be feeding Sampson cheerios and drinking cows milk from a sippy cup!

That's right friends and family, Ellyson Jean is now two months old! I can't believe how the time is flying by! We go the Dr. on Tuesday and I can't wait to find out how big she is! I will post her stats after we get home and I (that's right I said 'I') have recovered from the FOUR vaccinations she is getting :( I think it will hurt me more than it will her. We made a trip to the Dr. last week due to a viral infection Elly had picked up from somewhere. While sitting in the waiting room you could hear a little boy, who was getting his shots, pleading for what sounded like his life! "Mommy NO!!! Please mommy HELP ME!!! No more mommy please!!!!" I had flash-forward visions of Elly pleading to me. I about started crying in the waiting room. At that point I made the executive decision that Kris will be the one to take Elly for her vaccinations when she is older :)

Enjoy three of the bazillion pictures from our two month photo session (on mom's bed :) )

Would it be this cute if I had a double chin?

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Please stand by...

Hayley is experiencing technical difficulties! For some reason I can't transfer images from my camera to my computer. will have to wait until tomorrow to have Elly's two month pictures! I just wanted to say HAPPY TWO MONTH BIRTHDAY LITTLE ELLY!!!

I'm tired and going to bed :)

I love my Bumbo chair!

We decided the other day that it was time to venture on to a little something new...the Bumbo chair! It's a little big and Elly's a little small but hey, were getting there! Elly is loving holding her head up and glancing around the room. Burping her is getting quite difficult. She will arch her back and lift her head so she can see EVERYTHING around her! We still have a little of the "bobble-head" going on so when she does this, occasionally, we will have a little head on collision. This does not make for a happy baby :(

I think I'm ready for a watch!

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Saturday, May 9, 2009


Sweet Elly! Our wonderful friend, Heather Essian, shot Elly's newborn session and designed her birth announcement. I was introduced to Heather by a mutual friend after Kris and I got engaged. We were looking for a photographer and she said that she new the perfect person. I fell in love with Heather's work and booked her on the spot to shoot our wedding! What started as a photographer/client relationship has turned into an awesome friendship. We love you Heather!!
Check out her work!! can check out the slideshow of some of Elly's pictures!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

American Idol here comes Kris!

Every night around 6, like clockwork, Elly decides she has had enough of the day and makes sure we know about it! I know it is hard to believe, but this precious angel has THE most dramatic cries I have ever heard! Tonight, after all else failed, I caught Kris serenading Elly. Surprisingly, she stopped crying and just stared at him. Probably thinking "what heck is he doing?" Hey...whatever works right?! I caught it all on tape and thought I would share. He had no idea I had the video going...he thought I was taking a picture :)
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Crying and singing sure does take it out of you!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Knock on wood

I'm going to knock on some wood before I begin this post...

I think we may be on our way to a bedtime schedule!!! That has been one of the hardest adjustments for me...not having a schedule for Elly. Everybody tells me that as a newborn, she makes her own schedule. I understand that but it still drives me crazy! Since day one I have not been able to get Elly down in her crib, and stay asleep for more than 15 mins., before 10:30 or 11:00. The last two nights in a row she has gone down at 8:30 and stayed down! Last night she even slept until 3:15! This couldn't come at a better time since, unfortunately, I will be starting back to work soon. I have to be able to afford all those bows and flowers :) Oh yeah, and a little thing called a mortgage payment.

By the way...I don't want any comments about how Elly will now revert back to being two days old and wake up every two hours after making this post. That is why I knocked on wood before I started :)
Elly supervising mommy's work in the flowerbeds..."move that begonia a little to the right!"
Have I mentioned how much she LOVES to be outside?