Saturday, March 26, 2011

BIG girls...

...sleep in BIG girl beds! That's right, Elly has made the transition into her new room and new roomy bed! Kris and I bought a gorgeous day bed about 3 weeks ago for our sweet girl. It's been sitting at the furniture store since we didn't have anywhere to put it. I was SO excited for Kris to bring it home and put it together the other day. On another note, Elly being in her new room means only one thing...WE are in OUR new room!!!!! Pictures to come soon of the addition. I need a little time to get things in order :) We've spent the last few days organizing, moving and cleaning. I'm pooped to say the least but I'm a pregnant lady on a mission! I've made great progress on moving Elly and "re-doing" the nursery for Emma (which is staying 95% the same!). As soon as I get a little further with Elly's room, I'll post some pictures. She's going from pink and girlie to color, color and more color! You'll just have to wait in suspense for the finished product :)

While cleaning out the closets, Elly discovered a big ole bag of beanie babies I use for work. She was in heaven! She dumped them all out on the floor and went through each one that she knew. She'd hold it up and tell me what it was, "Mama...bear! Mama...mingo!" (flamingo)

Gathering them all to make sure they are in her reach!

This day in particular was a tutu day :)

Cow and polar bear kisses...true love!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Day Elly!

Oh happy day to my sweet, sweet cutie pie! Elly loves everything about birthdays. Especially the "loons" (balloons) and singing "Happy Day". It has been her song of choice for quite some time now. "Sing happy day Dadda!" So we sing to Dadda...and Mama, Nana, Papa, Abby, Addie, Will. So on and so on until we make it through ALL her family and friends :) Saturday marked Elly's very special happy day where her friends sang to HER! With our house being such a mess, we decided to opt out of the home birthday party. We made our way to Van Grow Children's Art Studio and it was perfection! They did just about everything! There were 4 different art stations set up; free paint, bead table, crown table and puppet making. All the kiddies made their way from place to place, expressing their creative sides! It was wonderful and I highly recommend it to anyone in the area looking for a fun affordable birthday spot! Wednesday is Elly's actual birthday. We are going to have a special mommy daughter day. Not sure where we may venture to, but I'm sure the day will consist of lots of fun and maybe a stop by the new Nothing Bundt Cake store :) Mmmmm...if you're a Funky Town resident, a stop here is a MUST! I'm determined to try all the flavors of the mini bundtlets. I better do it now while I can still use the pregnancy as an excuse for eating excessive sweets ;)


Makes me want to cry thinking about my B-I-G 2 year old :(

Making her princess crown with her sucker in hand! I think she had more candy on Saturday than she has had in her entire two years!
Off to make a puppet. Daddy, quit tearing up over your big girl and get those scissors!
I think the paint station was Elly's favorite. She managed to make her way back to this one a few times :)

"Look at my masterpiece!"
BEADS! According to the owner, they have only had one bead in the nose incident! Luckily we didn't have the second on Saturday!

Waiting patiently for her cake! Do you notice the teeny, tiny, itty,bitty red spot by Elly's eye? Can you believe this spot actually landed us in the ER the morning after Elly's Party?! That's a whole other post for a later date!
Thanks Nana for my special cake!
GO Elly, GO!
Happy birthday to my sweet girl! We can't wait for all the special days to come :)