Friday, December 26, 2008

I'm a real Texan!

Another Christmas has come and gone. We spent a great day with great family! Holiday's always seem a little daunting due to what I like to call the "holiday shuffle". Driving from Fort Worth to Waco to Granbury to Cleburne and back home is a little exhausting but well worth it in the end. This year was fairly easy due to Kris's dad and his family being in Panama and his Grandfather, unfortunately, has a horrible case of Shingles, which crossed him off the visit list. All in all it has been a great last couple days. Check out the picture below of my Christmas gift from my great husband! I'm finally a REAL Texan!!!

I had tried these boots on a year ago at the Stockshow but couldn't bring myself to pay the hefty price tag. They are by far the most expensive thing in my closet!

Thought I'd stick in a preggo picture for your viewing enjoyment :) 28 weeks and counting!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Sunday night I woke up to icicles forming on my toes. I got up to check the thermostat and to my horror it was 59 in our house!!!!! Two things went through my head, "something is wrong with the thermostat OR my husband is going to sleep outside if he turned off the heat before we went to bed." Turns out it was the thermostat. After some troubleshooting on our part, we figured out that it would work but only when it was on the fan. As soon as we would turn it to auto it would get all funky. So, we call our heater/ac man, James, to come on out and fix the problem! James gets here, clicks it over to auto, low and behold it runs like a charm! He tried everything to make the stupid thing act up...nothing! I thought of it as a little Christmas present. We didn't have to fork over a bunch of money to fix the stupid thing. An hour and a half later, our digital thermostat is out completely! Lets hope this is a quick fix and won't break the bank two days before Christmas :(

Saturday, December 13, 2008

R&R here I come!!

Tomorrow begins our long journey to Taos, New Mexico. Being a pilot's daughter, road trips always sound like a bad idea to me. Why drive when you can fly! Although, once on the road I thoroughly enjoy myself. Kris and I had so much fun on our road trip to Ohio a couple years ago (I'm actually NOT being sarcastic). I must say, I am quite handy with a map of the U.S.! Anyways...we leave tomorrow and will be back Friday. I won't be doing any skiing, but I have a couple good books and will be doing a lot of NOTHING!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

One shot of Demerol...$2000 please!

All I have to say is Thank God for insurance! We got the statement from our emergency room rendezvous a few weeks ago. The total bill was just under $2000! Let me remind you of what went on. I was stuck in a "room", given 3 bags of fluid, a shot of Demerol for pain and a shot of Phenergan for puking. They were nice enough to let me sleep it off and boot us out around 2:30am.

I must was worth every penny!!!!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas...

at the Roebuck house! Kris promised that today would be "Christmas tree day". He even said he would go with me to Garden Ridge! He moaned and cried the entire time, but did live up to his promise. It was even his idea for each of us to go and pick out one "special" ornament (by that he meant the "expensive" $3.99 a piece ornaments)! I always have such a great time decorating the tree. I refuse to have one of those fancy schmancy, matchy matchy, ornament trees (My dad will be so proud!). I have such fond memories as a kid decorating the tree. Finding those special ornaments, that for some reason I just loved, and putting them on the tree. I can't wait for little Elly to have those same memories. Last year my mom and dad had me go through all the ornaments and pick out the ones I wanted for my own tree. I took pictures of just a few of my favorites...

Me putting on my 2008 special ornament. Pink booties...getting ready for our arrival :)

Kris and his 2008 special ornament. A funny little snowball man :)

The tree in all it's glory!

From my first Christmas. I always loved the little baby in the basket!

For some odd reason...this was always a favorite! Who knows...

Every year my Grandma Berry would make ceramic ornaments and put our picture in it. Who is that precious little thing ;)

This one is just for you Caroline! She has been bugging me for the last 2 months to post a picture of my preggo belly. So here it is...FINALLY!
6 Months

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Yet another...

blog about my husband and his sleep talking. I'm sorry to announce it has reached a new level.

This morning Kris and I both had to work (yes it is SATURDAY!! YUCK!!). I had a rough night of sleep, tossing, turning and constantly having to use the restroom. So, come 5:00 a.m. I was watching the clock waiting for the alarm to go off at 5:30. I DO NOT like to be awake while Kris is sleeping. In the situation I always feel like I have something I just HAVE to tell him right then! So 5:30 finally rolls around. I get up, let Sam out to pee and just HAVE to tell Kris that an ambulance just drove down the street. He replies with "oh, really" Unenthused and unfazed. I get back in bed and tell him that I think it stopped on our street...Maybe at the TCU girls house or maybe at the old lady's house who always has the quilt show sign in her yard...that would make more sense since she is so old...maybe we should go outside and check it out...what do you think? I'm silenced with "oh my God you need to stop talking!" (and in his best Sampson voice) "Yeah mom shut it!" (back to Kris voice) "It is too early and if you don't stop I'm going to go and get a pen and um..." HUH? (Pause) "I'm still half asleep and I don't even know what that meant!" Yes, friends and family, Kris has started sleep talking while awake. I think we may have a problem!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

1 down...

49 to go...until our "dirt nap" as Kris stated the other night at our anniversary dinner. Romantic, I know! Our actual anniversary, Nov. 10th, was spent in the hospital with little old me in unimaginable pain and throwing up until I was completely dehydrated. Romantic , I know! Needless to say, it was not a good night. We decided to postpone the anniversary celebration for Wednesday night. We tried out a neat little Italian restaurant that I have have been wanting to go to. It is an old house in the middle of an actual neighborhood. It was a little pricey but the grilled Bruschetta was to die for! MMMM...makes me hungry just thinking about it! We were so full that we postponed our one year old wedding cake for the following night. Kris was NOT looking forward to this! He is so funny about his food. Whenever he has a stomach ache he swears it was due to the "bad chicken" he got into. He was a good sport and took his one bite that was required of him :) (Surprisingly it tasted really good!)

I always hear people saying "the first year is the hardest!" Well...if that was the hardest I can't wait to see what is to follow!

Saturday, November 8, 2008


I had an odd moment with a neighbor last night that really threw me for a loop. Let me start my story a week prior...Our neighbor, two houses down, stopped by on Halloween to invite us over to sit on the porch for a few drinks. She and the other neighbor (both in the 40's or 50's) do this quite often and it drives Kris crazy. They sit out there ALL NIGHT...drunk, loud and smoking like chimney's. They smoke so much that if you open our front door you can smell the cigarettes! Anyways...we told her thanks for the invite but that I was pregnant and Elly probably wouldn't appreciate that much. She said congrats and went on her way.

So back to last night...I had a knock on the door from the same neighbor looking to borrow a cup of flour. No problem! What are neighbors for right? As she was leaving, she thanked me and as though she were asking me over for dinner says, "If you would like to come over, we are about to burn some grass." I was speechless! Maybe she forgot that I was pregnant? No, because after the first offer, she invited me downtown for the following night but followed that with, "it may not be much fun since you can't drink!" Even if I wasn't pregnant, she doesn't even know me! Oh least I got a blog out of it :)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

I'll take bones instead of candy please!

I can feel the eyes rolling as I begin to write this post! Some may see this as animal cruelty...I like to think of it as Halloween spirit :)

As all you parents got your little babies ready for the big night I did just the same. Just because my baby is furry with four legs doesn't mean he can't participate. This year Sampson paid tribute to our good friend the mail lady. She is TERRIFIED of dogs! One day I watched her scream and take off down the street, as though she were running from a blood thirsty tiger, when she spotted our neighbors old yellow lab free roam in the front yard (with our neighbor standing by it's side!). She must have had some kind of horrible dog experience as a child. I also took the liberty of posting Sammy's previous years costumes. He may look humiliated and uncomfortable in the pictures, but trust me, he loves them :)

"That's not my tail it's my stinger!"

"I hear there's a cat stuck in a tree?"

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Blue room no longer!

As the weekend comes to an end, I am ready for some tequila and a cigarette! Actually, I don't smoke and tequila makes me do bad things. Oh yeah...and the whole 5 months preggo thing :)
We have had quite the busy weekend fixing up the nursery. I feel like I now can call it the nursery without the "quotes". From the get go, my mom and I had planned on her making all of my bedding. We spent Thursday evening checking out fabric stores. With no success, we made our way over to Babies R Us to register. Kris had made it quite clear he wanted no part of that! So who better than your husband to have by your side? Your own mom of course! As we made our way around the store we came up to the clearance section and there it was...Exactly what we had been looking for at the fabric stores, minus the blood, sweat and tears wasted over the sewing machine. On sale no less! So we went ahead and made the executive decision to purchase. From that point on, I was on a mission. I spent all day Saturday painting and Kris and I ( and the sweet Patricks!) spent today putting together the crib and bedding. See the amazing transition below...

Charm isn't the only thing that comes with an old house. Don't forget about foundation problems! Little Austin will be pleased when he sees this fixed. EVERY time he would get a diaper change on the old bed, he would look up with fear and worry and tell me, in his sweet concerned voice, "Uncle Kris needs to fix!" (I think he had visions of the ceiling falling in on him!) Kris worked his tail off cutting out old repair jobs and re-mudding the entire ceiling! You go Uncle Kris!

He even cleaned up this mess! Jealous ladies?

Goodbye blue...Hello PINK

The infamous BLAAAACK crib!

Childhood dresser+2 cans of black spray paint=saving $400 on a dresser :)
Will also double as a changing table. My next mission...finding fun drawer pulls!

Now the really fun part begins...decorating!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Omelet anyone?

Something I have come to accept and love about my husband, is his odd habit of sleep talking. The first time it happened, I must admit, I was a little taken aback. Waking up to Kris tearing through my clean, freshly folded, stack of clothes demanding "WHERE'S MY CRACK! WHERE'S MY CRACK!" was a little concerning. Obviously, I'm not talking about mumbling and nonsense you can't make out, I'm talking intense! On certain occasions he will get out of bed while having a completely absurd conversation with me as though he needs to stand up to really get his point across. A few weeks ago, I wake up to Kris pacing across the bedroom. He stops at the dresser, turns to look at me and asks, as if he were completely lucid and awake, "Would you like me to make you an omelet in the morning?" Sure! Veggie please!

Last night it happened again. At about 3am Kris sits up and begins to tell me that Pancho and Nelson (two of his workers) had better hang the magazine from the string at the right length or they will be in trouble. Deciding to play along I ask, "How will they know if it is the right length?" Kris-"Oh! By God they will know!" I giggle and fall back asleep. At around 4:30 I wake up to Kris's hysterical laughter followed by "Oh by God they will know!"

Of course this morning he had no idea what I was talking about. Just a funny quirk I love about my husband :)

PS...wait till you see my updated pictures of the "nursery" progress. You won't believe your eyes! Blog to follow this week :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Elly Jean!!

We had our 18 week sonogram today and....drum roll please....even though you all already know.....I still want some's a GIRL!!!! Little Ellyson Jean Roebuck (Elly for short). I really don't understand how a Dr. can figure this stuff out. A picture that resembles nothing of a little girl and he says with such certainty "it's a girl!" I guess it's more about the lack of the "stem on the apple" as Kris puts it. Or maybe he could just see the sweetness oozing out of her and just knew such sweetness could only come from a little girl :)
Little arm waving "Hi mom and dad!"
Sweet little profile and spine shot! I think I did that pose in yoga the other day :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008


"Hey Austin and Kalynn, how old are you?!"

(Their best attempts at three fingers comes across as about 2 1/2)

What a day! The bees and wind were a bit of a nuisance, but for the most part, the birthday party at the local park was a success! Complete with hot dogs, presents, cake and a pinata, it couldn't have gone any better. Kris and I even got in on the fun...

Take notice of Kris's "bum wing" as he calls it (left arm)...a result of his "pop a wheelie" gone bad on our leisurely bike ride through the neighborhood!!!

Cake time!!

That's what I call an easy clean up!

Monday, October 6, 2008


For the most part, I think that Kris and I are doing pretty good on our countdown to baby. We had a 20% coupon to Babies R Us so we went ahead and bought our crib a week ago. Well...that is just not good enough! We have some friends that live down the street from us. She is about 4 weeks ahead of me. They found out last Wednesday they were having a girl and by the end of the weekend the nursery was completely finished!! I'm talking chair rail put up, two toned pink paint and border, dresser and crib set up with all the bedding! So...seeing that we find out in 10 days, I decided to make a trip to the fabric and paint store yesterday. Since my mom will be making all my bedding (and I'm hoping curtain panels:) What do you think mom?) I really need to get a jump start! The lady at Cutting Corners was trying to be helpful and pointing me in the direction of the ones SHE liked, which were all brown tones. I told her that we already had a black crib so I wanted to stay away from brown. Her response you ask? "WHHHAAATTTT?! A BLLLLAAAACK CRIB?!! I have NEEEEVER heard of a black crib!!" I guess it was inconceivable that someone would purchase a BLLLAAACK piece of furniture! I found a few swatches that I liked (only one, far right, for a little girl :) )

The one on the left is green not brown

Let me know what you think. Are the boy ones too girly?

Friday, October 3, 2008

Yoga anyone? I enter month 5 of my pregnancy, I have decided I need to take action NOW! I n an attempt to stay as in shape as possible, I have began prenatal yoga classes. I went to my second class last night and really enjoy it. It is not as "physical" as I thought it would be but then again, how physical can an 8 month pregnant woman really be? I thought I would at least leave a little bit sweaty, but no. Hey...maybe that means I am already in fantastic shape ;) It's more about the stretching and easing of all those pains. I know I will appreciate it more once I look like I have devoured a basketball. I do have a small problem with my new found interest. It is every Thursday at 6:15 pm. Why is that a problem you ask?? Well, now that I am at week 16 I'm feeling great. Why is THAT a problem you ask?? Well, I feel great for the most part. When I wake up in the morning I feel like I could accomplish anything. Much to Sampson's dismay, the saltine crackers no longer share the bed with us, they have been retired back to the pantry. The plastic Target bag that made it's home in my purse, reserved for those moments when you walk past the raw meat section of the grocery store and you think you may lose your lunch, has also been retired, back under the sink. Problem: By about 5pm everyday my stomach has somehow morphed into it's own floatation device. Or as I like to call it "bloatation device". It looks like baby has grown triple in size in a matter of 8 hours. As yoga time draws near I begin to stress a little about all those movements, twisting, turning and my greatest enemy...the squat. I have yet to have a "problem" but worry about what is to come. My hope is that if there were to be a "disturbance" in class, the eight other preggo's would give me a shout out..."been there sista!"

Until next time, Namaste...

Friday, September 26, 2008

Twins, toys and wedding dresses oh my!

After a near panic attack the other day with the thought that baby is only 5 1/2 months away, I decided to take on the daunting task of cleaning out the "soon to be nursery" closets. Below are a few pictures of the mountain I was going to begin to scale...

Yes...that is my wedding dress!

Half a Sunday later...basically everything out of the closets and on the bed and floor.

Panic attack under control with the knowledge that I had begun the project. Well...I agreed to watch the twins this weekend. The thought of two 3 year old twins running around was enough to throw me right back into the sweats. Kris's suggestion to my mess, "Have the twins help you clean it all up." Said as though it would be such a fun task for us all, minus him of course! So where did all of the above return to??? You guessed it...the closets! Maybe next weekend :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Is there a baby in there???

There is! 8 week picture of baby Roebuck...what do you think it is??

Hello blog world!

After constant pestering, you know who you are, I have taken the plunge to the blogging world! The five unfinished books in my bedside table make me worry that this too will be short lived. Hopefully the constant pestering about new posts will keep me on top of things :)