Monday, November 23, 2009

Biscuits and Bye, Bye's

What a weekend! I have learned to deal with the fact that every corner in our tiny house will always be filled with sweet Elly's STUFF! As she gets older, the more we accumulate, and the bigger it gets. We decided that it was time to make a little room for what is to come this holiday season. Elly already started her list to Santa...number one was an iPhone and number two was a walker! After seeing that, I knew it was time to move her swing up to the attic. After a near marital blow up, I managed to snag a picture of this monumental event. When I told Kris to wait while I got the camera, he didn't think I was serious. He had a few choice words when I told him to get his butt back up there, get the swing and SMILE. He later apologized and said those three little words I love so dearly to hear..."You were right" :)

Bye, bye swing!!!

In honor of mom being right AND Elly graduating from her swing, we decided to give the Biter Biscuits a try. The girl LOVES food and the biscuits were no exception. She was a little unsure when she first put it in her mouth. That quickly changed as it got a little messy! She would pull it out of her mouth, hold it up in the air and look at it with shear joy! I will have the video camera ready the next time :)

Doesn't she look like she's shaking with excitement?!

"Mom you GOTTA try this thing!!!!"

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

8 months...

...and they finally dropped me! Well...DAD is actually the culprit. That's right, Kris let Poor little Elly roll off the couch, not once, but twice! I guess it was bound to happen eventually. I'm just glad it was him and not me ;)
Yesterday we did Elly's little 8 month photo shoot. I can't believe how big she is getting. She has officially started to do the "army crawl" (which I love to watch!). She is intrigued with the sound of smacking her hands on the hardwoods, so she will scoot, scoot, scoot to get off the rug to the floors. Once she makes it there, she looks to me to join in on the fun and smack my hands too! We have also started the bedtime story routine. When we would read books before, all she wanted to do was put it in her mouth. She now will look at and touch the pictures and "help" me turn the pages. Don't get me wrong, she still tries to eat it, but seems to enjoy the looking and listening part just as much! I can't wait for next month and Ellyson's 9 month checkup! I'm dying to know how long she is and how much our little connoisseur of food weighs ;)

Cheeeeese! Pretty girl!

Of course we had to get a couple "yelling" pictures!

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Flyin' high!

Last weekend Elly, Kris and I made the trek out Granbury to hang out with Nana and have one last dinner with our cousin Debi while she was in town. Deb came down for a quick weekend visit. We loved seeing her and Elly was quite excited to meet yet another cousin! We had a great time out in Granbury and had to put to use the new swing set Grandpa put up. All his blood, sweat and tears should be well worth it when he takes a look at sweet Elly's face as she was flyin' high!

Debi loving on little Elly. The neighbor's dog made it quite difficult to get the attention of little one :)

For some reason, whenever my mom emails pictures, they come out half the size...can you please get on that Nana. We need to see as much of Elly's face as possible!

Higher, higher!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy day after Halloween! We had quite the day at the Roebuck household! Is there a better way to start a day, then to cheer on the mighty Horned Frogs? Elly made her first appearance at a TCU tailgate a few weeks ago, but we have been waiting for an early kickoff to actually take her into a game. 6:00 pm kickoff doesn't really mesh well with 6:30 bedtime. Well...the day this mommy was waiting for, finally arrived! TCU dominated UNLV yesterday afternoon! We only lasted the first quarter, but Elly made it to her first Horned Frog football game! She was more enamoured with all the fans (quite the people watcher...just like her mama!) than she was with the football, but she did tell me that she looks good in purple and that she can't wait to follow in her mom's footsteps...I guess we better start saving for that private school tuition!

We made it home for a quick nap, then got ready for the candy hungry, ghosts and goblins. We snagged a few pictures of the pink poodle, swapped it out for comfy Halloween pj's and enjoyed the night!

Rah, Rah TCU!

This is Elly's "but Nana...I REALLY want it!" face. Uh oh will you resist it?!

It really is scary, how cute she is :)

What's the best part about the morning after Halloween? Chocolate for breakfast!'s actually banana and prunes. She doesn't know the difference...this year!

Caught red handed!

It's a little fuzzy, but I couldn't resist posting it! The look on her face was priceless..."Oh crap! she caught me!"