Friday, March 26, 2010

Hey Elly...

...whatcha doin? "Only my new favorite game. You turn your back, I crawl as fast as a girl can crawl, get into the cupboard with the broken latch and pull out the Tupperware. What are you doin?"

Note to self...finish toddler proofing the house!!!

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hey...Two In Fourteen Months...

I'm callin' you out! It's been 5 months, the blogging world needs an update! Put down your Words With Friends and get busy :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mommy's Silly Monkey

After her big birthday party, Elly has been quite intrigued with all her new toys. She will discover a toy that she isn't familiar with, and for the next couple days it is her new favorite! Her flavor of the weekend...her new book, Eight Silly Monkeys, an obvious play on the classic bed jumping monkeys. This one ends with a twist...that crazy Doc never mentioned anything about the COUCH!! My silly monkey and I have gone over the book about a million times! Elly was sporting her new monkey jammies the other morning...perfect photo op :) many monkeys are spinning on the bed? One, two, three...
Thank goodness for Elly's Baby Signs movie. It gives me a good 30 minutes to clean up after breakfast and maybe even do my hair! She LOVES this movie and has actually started doing some of the signs! When she's in the right mood, I can get a "more" when she wants more cookies :) And the other day she did the sign for "milk"! I am loving this age! She is like a little sponge...soaking it all up. She is able to give a high five, point to my nose when I ask where it is, and twice now she has blown a kiss!

Not sure what this sign is...but it sure is a cute picture :)

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patty's Day

Or otherwise known as, day after Elly's birthday :) Poor baby girl has had a rough couple of days. As I mentioned in my previous post, she has had a fever that just keeps popping back up! Thankfully she is quite pleasant when her fever is down, and when it is up Motrin or Tylenol does the trick. We have been to the Dr. 4 times in the last week and STILL don't know what the deal is! I know it is quite common for babies to have fevers but...104.1 is a little scary for this mama! Hopefully in the next couple days we will get it figured out.

After waking from her 2-1/2 hour MUCH NEEDED nap, Elly and I made our way outside to enjoy the gorgeous day...and snap a few pics of course! In case you haven't figured it out, Kris and I took the plunge and invested in a "real" camera! I have been having tons of fun and am starting to feel like a real doesn't hurt having such a cute subject ;)

Eating a leaf I'm sure...

I L*O*V*E seeing those little teeth peeking through. It warms my heart!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hey neighbor...'s March 16. Time to take down the Christmas decorations. I can kiiiinda understand the procrastination of taking down lights. Such a process...go to the garage, get the ladder, set up said latter, climb, risk uneven/soggy ground, bring down the lights, roll them up in that special way so that you don't curse yourself next year as you UNroll them, put the lights and ladder away. Whew! But come on hard is it to pull the candy canes out of the ground and the garland off the railing!!!!! I may pull them out myself and place them nicely on the front porch. Think they may get the point?

Happy Birthday Elly!

Where oh where to begin! Elly is officially one year old today!! It has been a whirlwind of a year to say the least. As I listen to my TODDLER chatter in her crib (it's supposed to be nap time!), I just can't get over how quick the year flew by. One minute you're in a hospital bed being handed a newborn, not knowing where to begin or what to expect when you get home and it's just the three of you. The next thing you know, your world revolves around this little human. Striving for those special milestones, looking ridiculous as you try to catch that perfect smile on the camera. And still, not knowing what to expect or what the future holds. I can't imagine life with you Ellyson Jean! Happy Birthday!

Princess cake for a little princess!

We decided to rent a bounce house for the birthday party. We knew we would have some older kids and thought it would be fun for them. I never imagined that Elly would love it as much as she did! It was precious! She would stand up, look at you with such achievement, and drop down. Over and over again :)

Elly wasn't a big fan of her birthday cake. She loves to smear her food on her tray, so I figured she would have a grand time going to town on that cake! WRONG...she didn't like it on her hands and she didn't like the taste of it. She doesn't like sugar? I now question if she is actually mine.

"Grandpa, can you believe I am ONE?!"

Unfortunately, Elly woke up Monday with a 103.2 fever and feeling plain old yucky! We made it to the Dr. (they still claim a reaction to antibiotics...I question that!) and spent the day just relaxing at home, sans clothes...Well, for baby that is! The only thing Elly wanted to do was ride her Honey Poney. So, ride Honey Poney is what we did! Thanks to the Elly's friends Ashlyn and Addison for her favorite birthday present :) Living room, dining room, hallway, kitchen, hallway, dining room, living get the idea.

Sleepy, sick baby :(

"Come on mom...enough with the pictures and PUSH!"

When daddy got home, we took Honey outside. Up and down the sidewalks we rode...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tub Time and Tears...

The other night, while doing a little "facebooking" (can that now be considered a verb?), I became introduced to sweet little Layla Grace. I had noticed a few friends post comments about Layla Grace, her family, and their desperate need for prayers. I decided to check out her blog and read up. She is a 2 year old who has been battling Neuroblastoma since her diagnosis in May of last year. She is losing her battle and her parents have brought her home to die. **WARNING** you will not have a dry eye after reading about her! It is frightening how in a mere 24 hours, your life can go from *perfection*, to a life which resembles that of a horrific nightmare. After seeing a picture capturing the pure joy on little Layla's face, as she enjoyed her first bubble bath in almost year, I made sure to capture some of my own precious angel. She enjoyed an extra long bubble bath that night AND extra hugs and kisses...much to her dismay ;)

This lead to disaster as she slipped and landed chin first on the side of the tub. Blood and tears followed :(

Elly LOVES to make fart noises with her construction cone. Quite the little lady!